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An Ode To Delicious Oregon Dining: Welcome To Our Website!

A recipe is often only as good as the skill that prepares it, and the food, herbs, and spices that make it. Oregon is one of those states best known for its natural, rich, organic food that creates great recipes. This website is an ode to all of it.

Welcome To Our Site: Here Is What We Do

From casual to formal dining, and vegan to meat lovers, there is a myriad of dining options for the entire family right across the state of Oregon. If your palette drives you to seek out culture specific dining options like Italian, Indian, Mexican, or Chinese cuisine, then we have lots of options for you too. With our blogs, we will happily bring you the best and the tastiest places to get your grub on with your friends, family, associates and other loved ones.

Of course, if you would much rather eat in, there are lots of delicious family recipes that can help make that a viable and tasty option. After all, we grow some of the best food here. With our easy to follow recipes and the food to accompany them, you are in good hands. If you wish to take your indoor dining outdoors on your own terms – say, on a family picnic – we can help you with that too. Whatever your preferred dining style, the transition from dining out to dining in and back again, will be a smooth one with our recipes, dining tips, and awesome restaurant finds to help you along.

Site Navigation: Making Your Way Around Our Blog

We know we are providing you with lots of information on this site. To help you sift through it all, we have organized everything into easy-to-navigate, self-explanatory categories. Everything is labeled for your convenience – food, recipes, restaurants, food/kitchen stories, and more. So let’s not waste any more of your time, we can tell you are excited to try some of our savory recommendations. Go ahead and start making your way around the site! We are excited to hear from you which options you have tried and how they all turned out.


Oregon Cargo Café Trend

Traditionally, cargo containers were built for transporting goods from place to place via truck, train, ship, and plane. They might be exposed to the elements or stacked roughly by cranes, and their freight tossed around indiscriminately. So Oregon shipping containers were built to last with extreme durability to weather and external conditions. Some even have a moisture barrier or temperature control.

These self-contained boxes, despite the high quality of their construction, might be left sitting in a freight yard or on empty land. But then came a brilliant idea to recycle and reuse the containers for more than cargo.

Modern Uses for Cargo Containers

Depending on the size, qualities, and state of the container, pioneering individuals have invested in shipping containers to be utilized in a variety of tasks. One attractive option revolved around the idea of a tiny home. You could mostly live in the space of one of these boxes, whether you altered it for modern conveniences like plumbing and windows or just allowed it to exist as a shelter.

A few other inspirational ideas were to turn the cargo containers into greenhouses, sheds, storage barns, and even cafes!

The Cargo Cafe Trend

The trend of turning a cargo container into a cafe began in the last decade. As opposed to a minimalistic home, cargo cafes thrive on unique alterations to that city port vibe. From extreme kitchens with thousands of dollars in cafe equipment to a trendy paint job, the individuality of the cargo cafe is key to its success.

Patrons enjoy coffee (and sometimes other refreshments) in the world’s smallest cafes, usually only a few hundred square feet. In fact, these attractions are such hotspots for tourists that there might be a line several city blocks in length to wait for a table in the limited space.

In response to the cargo cafe, a community of cargo cafe enthusiasts developed. Some of these communities run cafes throughout the country and world. Others plan vacations around visiting the most well-known cargo cafes. It has become a goal for those in the community to mark every cargo cafe off of their list!

The Future of Cargo Containers
What will the future hold for cargo containers? Ingenuitive and creative minds around the world are inventing new uses for these industrial boxes. There’s talk about full, several-story office buildings being made from smaller cargo pods. Right now, the options are limitless. And as long as shippers and carriers continue to use cargo boxes for freight movement, there will continue to be boxes sitting empty, waiting to be repurposed for the next generation of world structures and tourist sites.

Simple Ways to Deter Garden Thieves

You take care to secure the valuables in your home, but you might not think about the safety of the possessions you keep outdoors. Patio furniture, lawn art, barbecues, and tools can all be potential targets for thieves. Fortunately, there are simple ways to deter would-be thieves and keep your property safe and secure, without taking away from the beauty of your outdoor space.

If you’re looking for a few easy ways to tighten up your security at home, here are some ideas to get you started:

The Pitfalls of Privacy

You may treat your garden as your private oasis, but privacy can be as enticing to thieves as it is to you and your house guests. Privacy fences, lush foliage, and great decor can all provide refuge for trespassers. An enclosed yard can give potential thieves the cover they need to take items from your yard, and even your home, without being detected. As a compromise, consider installing a small fence or picket fence around your yard. You’ll still have an element of privacy, but without compromising on security.

Natural Defences

There’s no need to take extreme measures to keep your property safe and secure. Rather than going to great lengths to create barriers along the exterior of your garden, consider adding a few natural defenses. Thorny plants such as holly, hawthorn, or climbing roses provide both beauty and brawn and make accessing your garden yard art statues much more difficult for any prospective thieves.

Think Like a Thief
When all else fails, take a walk through your garden and try and think the way a potential criminal does. As you survey your yard, look for things like lawn furniture and garbage bins, which trespassers can use to gain access to your fenced garden statues or even enter your home through a window. Take note of any unsecured items that might be tempting to thieves, and find ways to make them less visible and accessible. If there are dark areas in your garden that might provide cover, consider adding a few bright outdoor lights in order to illuminate them.

Improving the security in your garden doesn’t require a significant amount of expense or effort. Keep these simple tips in mind as you look for ways to keep your valuables secure. Not only will you feel more confident that your belongings are safe, but you won’t have to compromise on the beauty of your outdoor retreat.

Parisian Bridge of Love Locks Now Features Sculptures

Paris has long been the city of love, and now bronze statues stand in testament to that passionate spirit along the Pont des Arts. Previously, the bridge had been a place in which lovers would go in tribute and good luck to their long-lasting romance. New relationships. Newlyweds. A husband and wife were celebrating 60 years of marriage. There were all kinds of stories that led lovers here, and each couple would place a lock on the chain link before throwing the key into the Seine River below.

Love Locks Lost
Each year, thousands would flock to this tourist site and local attraction to glimpse the physical manifestation of romantic vows over the decades. There weren’t just hundreds of locks; there were thousands – 700,000 to be exact. Some residents believed the locks to be clutter on an otherwise breathtaking view. Others wondered how the decay of the keys in the river below might be polluting the water.

The city of Paris deliberated over these concerns, meanwhile, the weight of the locks had caused a portion of the bridge’s rail to collapse into the river. Finally, the locks were deemed potentially unsafe, and the city removes them. The chain link sides were replaced by clear plexiglass to prevent further additions from lovestruck guests.

Parisian Bridge of Culture and Art
The locks were a touching way for visiting lovers to immortalize their relationship in the City of Love. With the locks gone and the fence removed, there were outcries that Paris had removed one of the most romantic sites in the world. What would couples do now without that time-honored Parisian ritual?

Instead of leaving the bridge barren, Paris stepped up to maintain the views of the Seine while also creating a new site worthy of visitation. The big addition came from the local Parisian artist, Daniel Hourdé. The bridge is now an outdoor exhibition of his bronze sculptures, entitled “The Enchanted Footbridge.”

Altogether, there are seven pedestals, eight statues, and ten reflective metal trees. The art is a new installment in Paris history and culture, though the interpretation of the bronze statues is up to the viewer.

The Future of the Enchanted Footbridge
Paris hopes that the newly restored views and artistic environment will not only be a place for visiting lovers but also inspire future artists, surrounding them in real Parisian beauty.