Oregon Cargo Café Trend

Traditionally, cargo containers were built for transporting goods from place to place via truck, train, ship, and plane. They might be exposed to the elements or stacked roughly by cranes, and their freight tossed around indiscriminately. So Oregon shipping containers were built to last with extreme durability to weather and external conditions. Some even have a moisture barrier or temperature control.

These self-contained boxes, despite the high quality of their construction, might be left sitting in a freight yard or on empty land. But then came a brilliant idea to recycle and reuse the containers for more than cargo.

Modern Uses for Cargo Containers

Depending on the size, qualities, and state of the container, pioneering individuals have invested in shipping containers to be utilized in a variety of tasks. One attractive option revolved around the idea of a tiny home. You could mostly live in the space of one of these boxes, whether you altered it for modern conveniences like plumbing and windows or just allowed it to exist as a shelter.

A few other inspirational ideas were to turn the cargo containers into greenhouses, sheds, storage barns, and even cafes!

The Cargo Cafe Trend

The trend of turning a cargo container into a cafe began in the last decade. As opposed to a minimalistic home, cargo cafes thrive on unique alterations to that city port vibe. From extreme kitchens with thousands of dollars in cafe equipment to a trendy paint job, the individuality of the cargo cafe is key to its success.

Patrons enjoy coffee (and sometimes other refreshments) in the world’s smallest cafes, usually only a few hundred square feet. In fact, these attractions are such hotspots for tourists that there might be a line several city blocks in length to wait for a table in the limited space.

In response to the cargo cafe, a community of cargo cafe enthusiasts developed. Some of these communities run cafes throughout the country and world. Others plan vacations around visiting the most well-known cargo cafes. It has become a goal for those in the community to mark every cargo cafe off of their list!

The Future of Cargo Containers
What will the future hold for cargo containers? Ingenuitive and creative minds around the world are inventing new uses for these industrial boxes. There’s talk about full, several-story office buildings being made from smaller cargo pods. Right now, the options are limitless. And as long as shippers and carriers continue to use cargo boxes for freight movement, there will continue to be boxes sitting empty, waiting to be repurposed for the next generation of world structures and tourist sites.