Simple Ways to Deter Garden Thieves

You take care to secure the valuables in your home, but you might not think about the safety of the possessions you keep outdoors. Patio furniture, lawn art, barbecues, and tools can all be potential targets for thieves. Fortunately, there are simple ways to deter would-be thieves and keep your property safe and secure, without taking away from the beauty of your outdoor space.

If you’re looking for a few easy ways to tighten up your security at home, here are some ideas to get you started:

The Pitfalls of Privacy

You may treat your garden as your private oasis, but privacy can be as enticing to thieves as it is to you and your house guests. Privacy fences, lush foliage, and great decor can all provide refuge for trespassers. An enclosed yard can give potential thieves the cover they need to take items from your yard, and even your home, without being detected. As a compromise, consider installing a small fence or picket fence around your yard. You’ll still have an element of privacy, but without compromising on security.

Natural Defences

There’s no need to take extreme measures to keep your property safe and secure. Rather than going to great lengths to create barriers along the exterior of your garden, consider adding a few natural defenses. Thorny plants such as holly, hawthorn, or climbing roses provide both beauty and brawn and make accessing your garden yard art statues much more difficult for any prospective thieves.

Think Like a Thief
When all else fails, take a walk through your garden and try and think the way a potential criminal does. As you survey your yard, look for things like lawn furniture and garbage bins, which trespassers can use to gain access to your fenced garden statues or even enter your home through a window. Take note of any unsecured items that might be tempting to thieves, and find ways to make them less visible and accessible. If there are dark areas in your garden that might provide cover, consider adding a few bright outdoor lights in order to illuminate them.

Improving the security in your garden doesn’t require a significant amount of expense or effort. Keep these simple tips in mind as you look for ways to keep your valuables secure. Not only will you feel more confident that your belongings are safe, but you won’t have to compromise on the beauty of your outdoor retreat.

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